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Why Masti?

Personal Care & Experience. 

Some of her clients have been with her for over 30 years. Other clients make appointments for their whole family and she dedicates a whole afternoon to them. Clients have travelled back to Raleigh from out of state for continued hair care. She has a client base that has climbed into the thousands, but she knows everyone’s name and she takes personal interest in each and everyone of them. In a day of proliferating chain salons and spas, Masti stands apart. Masti is known for her healing touch and some of her clients whom have moved overseas invite her to fly over the oceans to feel her healing touch even if it is just once a year.

Masti’s is a full service salon providing personalized attention
to your hair needs & goals. She caters to a wide range of clients including those requiring
private and special time accommodations. 



Masti has been trained in Europe, Canada and the US by Vidal Sassoon. Specializing in the European technique & global styles. She continues to attend trade shows and classes held all over the world to stay up to date in her profession.

Masti has been trained around the world by Vidal Sassoon, and has been practicing for over three decades. She can work on all hair types & textures on all clients. 



Masti’s Salon is located in North Raleigh, tucked in a corner of Pembroke Square on Six Forks Road. This is a salon where you will not hear a room full of hair dryers at once & noisy. The location emphasizes individual attention for clients in a peaceful & relaxing setting.


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